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Arc, Segment and Sector
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Arc, segment and sector equations summary
Arc, segment and sector equations summary
* Input 2 values in any unmarked field
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Torus volume
S = 4π2a c = π2(R + r)(R − r) = π2(R2 − r2)
R = c + a                             r = c − a
Torus geometry
Example 1 - segment area Print line equations
Find the expression for the area of a segment defined by the radius  r  and the segment height  h.
Segment example
The area of a sector whose angle equals to θ is:
A_sector=θ/2 r^2 (θ in radians)
The area of the triangle formed by the two radii and
the cord  c  is: A_triangle=t c/2
The value of  t  is: t = r - h
The value of  c  using the Pythagoras theorem is:
c=2√(r^2-t^2 )=2√(r^2-(r-h)^2 )=2√(2rh-h^2 )
θ is: θ=2 cos^(-1)⁡(t/r)=2 cos^(-1)⁡((r-h)/r)
Now the area of the segment is:
A_segment=A_sector-A_triangle=θ/2 r^2-t c/2=θ/2 r^2-(r-h) √(2rh-h^2 )
And after substituting the value of  θ  we get the final value:
A_segment=r^2  〖cos〗^(-1)⁡((r-h)/r)-(r-h) √(2rh-h^2 )
Notice that when   r = h   (segment is half circle)   Asegment = r2cos-1 0 = r2 π / 2   this is half circle area.